On and Off the Court

L'Etoile Sport

I’ll admit that I’ve been interested in picking up tennis in part (okay, large part) because the outfits are cute.  Yes, there are a lot of other advantages (hah!) to the sport, but something about a workout in a skirt has always appealed to me (ever since I saw high school gals playing field hockey in their little kilts, I’ve wanted in on a sport with skirts as part of the uniform).

And tennis clothes have gotten even better lately, with Stella McCartney in on the game, and other traditional sport brands upping their games.  But when I found L’Etoile Sport, I knew my tennis wardrobe wouldn’t be complete until I had a piece of their sporting gear.

And that was just because of how it looks.  L’Etoile Sport takes workout wear to another level.  Their pieces look fashionable– not just fashionable for sports clothes, but truly beautiful.  Many of their fabrics and pieces look inspired by brands like Alaia.

And the kicker is how they feel.  Their fabrics are sooooooo soft.  I’ve never seen workout clothes that feel so scrumptious!  Not only is it hard to find the time in a busy day to change multiple times, these clothes make you want to keep them on.

And they definitely make you want to play tennis (even if only for the clothes).  Or golf!  (Another sport that encourages skirts and which L’Etoile also makes clothes for.)  And Net-a-Porter now carries L’Etoile and clothes for all your favorite sports (at their craftily named counterpart, Net-a-Sporter).

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