When Standing With Flamingos. . .

Standing like a Flamingo

. . . Then why not stand like the flamingos?

This picture makes me happy.  It’s my daughter imitating the flamingos at the Santa Barbara Zoo last weekend.  It was such a beautiful day, and we had so much fun.  And watching my daughter pretend to be a flamingo cracked me up.

It’s still cracking me up.

Happy Thursday!!



  • Robbie K

    who is that giant???! She is so big…please tell her I say hello!

    • Isn’t she tall?? Where is time going? She’ll be so happy to hear from you! We miss you and your monkeys loads!

  • Robbie K

    if she remembers me…sad.

    • Oh, she *definitely* remembers you! And we’re gonna see you soon, right? (Fingers crossed.) xx