Paris cafe

Bonjour from Paris!!  We made it!  After an 11 hour flight from San Francisco, my friend Katherine and I arrived, and we hit the ground running.  After dropping our things off in the hotel (our room wasn’t ready, and it didn’t matter because we had things to do!), we immediately embarked on our Parisian adventure.

We stopped in a few boutiques (where I am terrified to speak French, by the way.  It seems to be the only time that Spanish comes to my mind– when it would be appropriate to speak in French.  Luckily, Katherine is fluent and much less anxiety prone than I am, and the people in the shops speak wonderful English), and then we had lunch in this sweet cafe, where we ate outside and watched the passersby.  We were seated near a French family who couldn’t have been more charming.  Three generations of loved ones (including a precious toddler who loved chasing the pidgeons) were eating and laughing near us as we ate and people watched.  It was lovely.

And, as though we were in a movie, suddenly a man emerged onto the street outside the cafe with an accordion and began playing La Vie en Rose.  It was perfectly Parisian and perfectly amazing.  And I’ve been humming it ever since (which is probably starting to drive Katherine insane, but she hasn’t told me so yet).

Paris is completely dream-like– with it’s charming streets, beautiful views, gorgeous architecture, spectacular food (and the bread and butter!!!!  I could live on that alone!  And a friend of mine who’s an expert on nutrition insists that the gluten in European food is different than that in America.  Which seems like carte blanche to eat whatever the mood strikes if you ask me).

So far, the only thing to remind me that we are still on planet Earth (and not Paradise) is the smell of smoke in the streets.  So many people still smoke here!!  So many, in fact, that it took the most delicious hot chocolate I’ve ever witnessed to calm the throbbing in my throat this afternoon.  Which is a price I’m willing to pay– every day– if need be.

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Ali and Katherine Paris


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  • Sounds like you’re already having a lovely time, and i can’t wait to hear more. I’m so happy that you finally made it back. Have a blast babe! I’m sure you will. 🙂