Gone Girl

Have you read Gone Girl yet?  I realize I’m probably the last person on Earth to read it, but I was afraid that it’d scare me to death.  So many people told me that it was great, but their follow-up comments concerned me.  I heard things like, “It makes you think you can’t trust anyone,” which, I think justifiably, worried me.

Besides, I do not want to be scared out of my mind.  I was afraid it’d be like the time I got obsessed with the Scott Peterson case, read a bunch of books about sociopathy, and then basically didn’t want to leave my apartment.  People said, no, it wasn’t like that.  But when I asked if it’d scare me (and explained the Scott Peterson scenario, they, totally justifiably, seemed to not know how to respond).

But then the movie came out, and it has Ben Affleck in it.  I love Ben Affleck.*  And I heard the movie was good.  But I almost always like the book better.  And I had two cross-Atlantic flights to look forward to.  So I figured, why not?

I started reading.  My friend Katherine who was traveling with me refused to give away any details (which was mildly annoying, but I heard there were tons of wild twists in the book, and I’m sure she just didn’t want to give any of the surprise away).  But, let me tell you this (in case you waited to read it too)– it’s a page turner.  It’s truly hard to put down.  In fact, at the end of each of our beautiful, fabulous days in Paris, during which we walked a ton, and after which I was completely exhausted, I still found a way to read a little each night.

I just now finished it and . . . wow.  It’s a page turner that makes you think about relationships, people, and marriage.  I have a feeling I’ll be thinking about it for a while.

If you haven’t yet, I say read it.  It’ll take you on a wild ride.  (And, by the way, it didn’t terrify me or make me feel like I can’t trust anyone.  So that’s a plus too, because I don’t really need a book to shatter my faith in humanity.  This one just really makes you want to find out what happens next.)

And now I can’t wait to see the movie.  Have a wonderful weekend!!

*Ed. note: I used to love Ben Affleck.  Not so much anymore, for obvious reasons.  My decades-long crush has ended.  Thank goodness for Tom Brady!

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