The Future of Sneakers

Phoebe Philo SS2015

I have been watching the Spring 2015 fashion shows (and the runways that are the streets outside the shows) with a key question in mind: Are sneakers over (or almost over)?  Has the heyday of athletic (and comfortable) footwear drawn to a close?

The jury is in, and the answer is this: No, sneakers are here to stay (for the foreseeable future anyway).  This was made clear when numerous designers showed their collections with sneakers on the models’ feet.  But my question was effectively rendered moot when I saw Phoebe Philo (beloved designer of Céline) wearing sneakers when she walked out to applause after her collection was presented.

You see, so much of what becomes cool these days begins with Phoebe Philo.  I would argue that she was instrumental in bringing sneakers back into fashion, in the first place.  When she was photographed wearing old school Nike Airmaxes a few seasons ago, suddenly Nike Airmax was the hottest shoe around.  Then she was photographed wearing Adidas Stan Smiths.  And you know how that story ends, right?  Stan Smiths sold out everywhere and are ubiquitous now with every form of fashionable garb (from jeans to couture).

So when Phoebe emerged wearing Stan Smiths again this season with a camel sweater and cropped, cuffed wide leg pants, I actually bought a second pair.  I’ve been wearing my others so much (and without socks), so they’re starting to look (and smell) a little worse for wear.  But if they’re sticking around, I need a back up.

I am so thrilled with this development.  I have really grown to love the “Normcore” influence in fashion right now.  And I love that sneakers look chic with just about everything.  I’m certainly not ready to put mine away, but fashion can be fickle.  It wasn’t long ago that the second something was “in,” it had to immediately be deemed “out” again.  Clearly, things aren’t moving so fast now (blame the economy, a new practicality, or just comfort). So sneakers can stick around for at least another season.  Our feet will be overjoyed.

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