Heaven Scent

Oribe Cote D'Azur

The last five times people complimented my perfume, I wasn’t wearing perfume.  Rather, what they were smelling was my Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, which I’ve written about previously (and which I included in my Holiday Gift Guide, because it rules).  The smell is otherworldly, and I feel kind of naked without it.  (Well, in fairness, I feel kind of naked without the Dry Texturizing Spray, itself, because it 1) smells like heaven, but also 2) does something rad to your hair that I can’t fully explain, but I also can’t live without.  In simple terms, I think it makes your hair look supermodel-y, with lots of volume and cool texture.  Which is pretty amazing, no?

Anyway, clearly I am not alone in loving the scent of this stuff because people compliment me on it all the time.  And clearly those people are in good company because Oribe has now launched a fragrance in the same scent as the hairspray.  See??  It smells so good they turned it into a perfume.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this perfume.  In fact, it is currently somewhere between Internet-shoppingland and my house, because I’ve already ordered it.  I figure my hair shouldn’t be the only part of me that gets to smell this delicious.

And yours shouldn’t either.

Happy Tuesday!  xx



  • Sandra Camp

    ooh fun! i use the texturizing spray ALL the time! i LOVE it and it smells amazing! can’t wait to smell this yumminess

    • Yay!! I know– I’m so excited! The smell is intoxicating.