Hostess Gifts

Hostess Gifts

Can you believe the holidays are here?  On one hand, I can’t believe it at all.  And on the other hand, I couldn’t be more excited.  I already have my tree up, for instance, and I’ve been listening to Christmas carols for weeks.  But one thing I still need to do is get some fabulous hostess gifts.

There’s nothing better than showing up to a holiday gathering with a lovely little “thank you” that delights the host/ess (other than being on the other end of that equation, I suppose).  So, here is a compilation of the gifts I’d love to give (or get).

What do you love to bring to a gathering (or receive as the hostess)?

1. Malachite Coasters / 2. Peppermint Bark / 3. Bow Ornament / 4. Crystal Wine Stopper / 5. Champagne Candle / 6. Electric Wine Opener / 7. The Big Book of the Hamptons / 8. Gold Leaf Nesting Bowls / 9. Paris Ornaments (the New York version is awesome too!) /

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