The Sales! (and Surprising Emotions of) Black Friday

White Christmas

Black Friday makes me kind of wistful.  That may sound like an unorthodox reaction to the biggest shopping day of the year, but let me explain (or if you’d rather skip to my sale finds at the end, feel free to do that too).  For as many years of my youth as I can remember, my mother and I spent Black Friday at the mall shopping til we dropped for Christmas presents for everyone on our lists.  I’m pretty sure we got it just about all done in one day, and it was a glorious day, at that.  We started early in the morning; and we left when it was dark and we could no longer hold another bag, because the weight of all of the twine from the bags’ handles was cutting off the circulation in our hands.

Every year we’d eat lunch at the same Au Bon Pain, enjoying our brief respite from the holiday hubbub, and finishing with the most heavenly frosted sugar cookie.  I think it tasted better because we were high on life and Christmas spirit and because we were exhausted and mildly delirious from the crowds, the heat (traversing a mall carrying the parka necessary to survive in New England winter while carrying loads of stuff amongst thousands of other people with the same goals in mind), and the time crunch.

When we finally called it a day, we’d be exhausted but gratified; thrilled with the trunk full of gifts we had for everyone we loved. Eager to see the expressions on everyone’s faces when, a few weeks later, we’d bestow our treasures on them.

Here comes the wistful part.  My mom and I no longer go shopping on Black Friday.  Because I live across the country from her and usually spend Thanksgiving with my husband’s family.  So on Black Fridays now we do something different (I think this year we’re going for a hike– which will be equally awesome, though in entirely different ways).  Because the sales this year are insane, I’ll likely do some shopping online (which is, frankly, my favorite way now, anyway).  There are so many awesome things on sale now, and I’ve compiled some fab options from some of my favorite sales.

So enjoy!  I wish you a shopping experience as delightful as my mom and I used to have.  May you finish it up with the same thrill in your heart as we did.  And if you see one of those frosted sugar cookies, have one for me.


From Net-A-Porter (Sale up to 50% off)–

From Barney’s (Sale up to 40% off)–

From Shopbop (Up to 25% off ENTIRE ORDER with code GOBIG14)–


Photograph via Traveling Mama

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