What Would Carolyn Wear?

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy style 1

I have spent more time than I’d care to tally trying to solve the riddle of what Carolyn Bessette Kennedy would be wearing now were she still with us.  Of anyone’s style throughout the annals of history (and Vogue magazine), no one’s style has more inspired me.  And so I have compiled books (okay, just one.  Well, not counting Pinterest, where I have another virtual book memorializing her style) devoted to her every photographed look.  I stare at them and try to imagine, of the offerings currently available, what would she be choosing to wear circa 2014?  What choices would she make, given the passage of time, the state of fashion, and all the other ineffable ingredients that contribute to one’s style preferences?

Fortunately, fashion is so inspired by the 90’s now that many of the looks currently gracing the runways, the store shelves, and the glorious on-line shopping meccas seem made for Carolyn, herself.  So, here’s my take on what she’d be wearing now.  And, therefore, what I wish to be wearing as well.

Have a happy weekend!!

1. Coat / 2. Dress / 3. Jeans / 4. Loafers / 5. Sneakers

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