Can’t Let Go

The Andy Cohen Diaries

I have spent every free moment I’ve had over the past few days reading The Andy Cohen Diaries.  It is a wild romp through his days and nights in New York City (and LA, and the Virgin Islands, and various other dream-worthy locales) with the longest list of celebrity friends perhaps ever compiled (including everyone’s dream BFFs, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jimmy Fallon, and Kelly Ripa).  Plus, he interviews nearly every living pop culture phenomenon on his nightly show, Watch What Happens Live.  So the stories that he has to tell are unreal.  It’s a fun ride, and Cohen is downright hilarious.  The other night, while reading in bed next to my sleeping husband, my laughter jolted him awake (and I was trying exceedingly hard to keep my laughter quiet, which resulted in an epic shake-fest that likely felt like an earthquake in a shared bed).  But when my husband complained and begged me to go to sleep, instead I turned off my light and took my book downstairs to read by the light of the Christmas tree.  Because when you’re laughing that hard and living vicariously through a person whose life makes pretty much anyone else’s look boring, going to bed instead of reading on is just unthinkable.

I may be up until I finish reading this book.  And I can think of about 42 people I’d like to give it to for Christmas.

Happy Tuesday!


  • Sandra Camp

    i have been wanting to read this!!!! so glad it was an enjoyable read!

    • I’m not quite finished with it, but I’m already worried that I’m going to be sad when it’s over. He is sooooo funny!!


  • This is so going on my Christmas list! I absolutely adore Andy!

    • It’s so much fun, Vanessa! You’ll love it! P.S. I met Andy once a few years ago, and he was everything you’d want him to be. Totally fun and ebullient (and way buffer than I realized, given that he’s usually wearing suits). 😉