Leopard x Plaid

Leopard and Plaid

Though some might choose to wear such patterns sparingly (and never together), lately I have consistently found myself pairing plaid (a recent favorite) with leopard (a perennial statement-maker).  Something about the combination just strikes me as right right now.  Plaid rules and simultaneously feels kind of Christmas-y, and leopard adds a hint of quirk and glamour to an outfit.

I’ve made something of a game out of finding how many different combinations I can drum up out of the plaid and leopard options I own.  I’m not afraid to wear leopard coats over plaid shirts, plaid coats with leopard shoes, a leopard bag with . . . pretty much anything (just check out my recent Instagram pictures).  And if I can find a new combination of these disparate patterns, chances are I’ll wear that one too.

From left: Plaid Coat (similar here) / Red plaid shirt (similar here and here) / Leopard slides: Chloe (similar here and here) / Leopard Bag: Chloe (similar here) / Leopard Scarf: Adrienne Landau (similar here) / Blue plaid shirt: Rails (similar here) / Leopard flats (similar here)

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