How to Fake an Island Vacation Glow Anytime

Beachy Glow

It might be deep winter, but these days a beachy glow is just a few steps away regardless of your current location.  In fact, despite being on a beach last week, I’m still following this regimen because my skin doesn’t naturally do “beachy glow.”  It tends to vascillate between “ghostly pale” and “lobster red.”  So I’ve been following this simple routine to keep a glowy bronze look.  I’m thrilled with the results, and I think you will be too!

Nars Multiple in St. Lucia– I’d experimented with Nars Multiples before, but I hadn’t tried this color.  Now that I have, it’s become my favorite.  It gives a bronzy glow with super-natural looking color.  And it blends so easily, you can’t detect the application.  Rub some along your cheekbones, forehead, and a touch on your chin, and an instant glow appears on your face.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre in Blondie– This lipgloss is sheer and natural-looking and adds a lovely incandescence to the lips.  These two products alone will give you a radiance that will erase the outside temperatures from your mind.

Jergen’s Natural Glow– We’ve all used this product over the years, but it’s continually gotten better.  So if you haven’t used it in a while, you’ll be surprised at its effectiveness (and greatly improved smell)!  It works double duty as a moisturizer (and whose skin doesn’t need that at this bristly, dry time of year?) and a self-tanner.  So your body glows along with your face.

Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body– This step is only necessary when you’re actually showing your bare arms and legs (which for me, in the winter, is a rare event).  But when you are planning to bare your skin, it’s an especially wonderful addition.  Promising to firm and sculpt your limbs, this “slimmer shimmer” adds a supermodel-y radiance to your skin that will make you do a double-take when you pass yourself in the mirror.

You’ll have to stop and stare at the glowing goddess staring back at you.  Not bad for deep winter, eh?

Photo via Vogue


  • So intrigued by these products! Like you I too vacillate between pale and red. The joy of being fair skinned! But I’m eager to give Charlotte Tilbury’s product a go. I’ve been using St. Tropez self tanner of late and it works brilliantly.

    • Vanessa-
      I am so into Charlotte Tilbury’s line! I’m actually writing a longer post about my favorite products of hers. I’d love to know your thoughts if you try it!

      Here’s to glorious glowing color for us fair skinned gals-