That 70’s Vibe

Gucci Spring 2015 campaign

Gucci Spring 2015 campaign 2

I’ve never felt an affection for the look of the 70s.  I don’t have much hippie in me, and for some reason the look has never resonated with me (maybe it’s because I lived through part of the actual 70s, and no one looked quite this perfect the first time around?).

Until now.  This season, I can’t wait to embrace the 70s look (as reinterpreted through a twenty-first century lens) in full.  Gucci’s collection, in particular, helped inspire this newfound appreciation.  The suede, the long loose hair (though mine isn’t so long anymore), and the jeans (oh, the jeans!  I am completely overwhelmed by their fabulousness.  And they’re actually not terribly 70s, unto themselves– except maybe the color.  The shape seems totally new.  Although I’m looking forward to delving back into the flared leg jeans that were the thing in the 70s.)

Plus, the model in Gucci’s Spring campaign (Malgosia is her name, and isn’t that name just mesmerizing?) is stunning and looks like I imagine I’d look if I were a high fashion model with perfect genes and a perfect tan (which my actual genes do not lend themselves to).  She could probably convince me to try nearly any look, but something about the way she carries off Gucci’s 70s look makes me want to buy a brown suede handbag (though I’d never have considered this before).

I’ve been thinking a lot about why the 70s influence is really working for me right now, after years of shunning it.  I can’t say that I’ve hit on the exact answer, but there’s something about the confluence of designers who are inspired by the 70s right now with the contrast these styles offer to the uniform of recent years (skinny jeans and more structured tops) that has resulted in alchemy.

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