My Latest Obsession

Ballet Beautiful

The word “obsessed” gets overused these days, so I try to avoid it unless it feels absolutely necessary.  Which it does right now.  Because I am full-on, head-over-heels in love with a new (to me) workout.  So, I’ll just go ahead and say it.  I’m obsessed with Ballet Beautiful.

Have you heard of it?  I had over the past few years, but I’d kind of blocked out references to it.  Because I quit ballet when I was 6.  And all attempts I have made since at ballet-type workouts have proven that I have no particular skill or affinity for it.

But then I was reading this article about Doutzen Kroes (model extraordinaire and Victoria’s Secret Angel) where she mentioned that she does Ballet Beautiful three times a week (and every day when she’s preparing for the Victoria’s Secret show).  She also happened to mention that you can do this workout that changed her body without breaking a sweat.

So I put Ballet Beautiful on my To Do list and promised myself I’d check it out.  The more I learned (like the long list of fashion luminaries who do it, not to mention 5 of the 8 Victoria’s Secret Angels– wait, I thought they were just born like that?!) about Ballet Beautiful, the more excited I was to try it.

Which is the next thing that makes it so extraordinary– though you can do it at the Soho studio where it was founded in NYC, there are also DVDs (and a book), but more importantly, you can stream classes on-line to your home (there is also an option to live-stream classes as well).  And you need no equipment.  Cue my insane excitement, and cut to me doing the workouts in my hotel room in Hawaii.

Once I actually tried it, the real obsession began.  Because the workout was challenging but different than anything I’d ever done before.  At the end of a 60-minute session, you feel graceful, strong, and as though you’ve really exerted yourself.  But you’re not drenched in sweat (I did sweat though.  Ms. Krouze’s model genes definitely seem to help her on that front).  But I also couldn’t wait to do it again.

And (to prove the obsession is real), I also started buying leotards, ballet shoes, leg warmers, and ballet sweaters (though these accoutrements are completely superfluous.  You can easily wear yoga pants and any shirt to do the workout.).  Watching Ballet Beautiful founder Mary Helen Bowers look so fab while doing her workouts made me want to look more like a ballerina like her.  See, I told you obsessed was the right word!

You can read more about Ballet Beautiful (and sign up for classes) here.


  • Pamela

    Can’t wait to try. I need to shake things up with my routine. Thanks for the tip!

    • I can’t wait to hear what you think of it, Pam! I haven’t been this into a workout in ages!


  • I’m so intrigued by this! Plus the accessories alone have me sold.