Tom Brady Super Bowl 49

As I write, I am still wearing my Tom Brady jersey and trying to wrap my head around this Super Bowl.  It was an emotional roller coaster as a Patriots fan, and I still can’t believe they won.  What a game!

I’ve been dreaming of another Patriots Super Bowl since they won ten years ago, and it has been quite a ride since then.  I loved this article in the New York Times Magazine about Brady.  I had forgotten that even I wondered if the team’s best days were behind them after a rough start to the year.  I am among the legion of people (including Ben Affleck and Matt Damon) who think that Tom Brady is made of magic and awesomeness, so it is so wonderful to see him on top again.

I’ll be back to fashion again tomorrow.  But today was all about football.  And food.  Including these amazing deviled eggs, which were totally worth the time to replicate, with this recipe from San Francisco’s Park Tavern.

When we lived in Boston (right across the street from the Boston Common), we’d hear celebrations break out outside our window when Boston sports teams had a big victory.  Though we now live across the country, we were making our own celebration tonight.  I’m sure people in our neighborhood wondered what all the screams coming from our house were about.

Magic and awesomeness, people.


  • Brooke Kirby

    Such a great game!!!! I still can’t get over that win!! PATS NATION ❤️

    • It took me days to wrap my head around it. What a crazy game. YEAHHH!!!!!!!