The Rotation

Isabel Marant tops

It never fails that this time of year finds me wearing stable of ethereal tops on a steady rotation.  Even when I lived in Boston, where winter means frigid temperatures and endless snowstorms, I’d be wearing springy tops (albeit covered with a cardigan and a parka on top– I hate being cold, after all).  By February, I am quite ready for spring, even if I have to dress for for the season I wish I had, rather than the one outside the window.

And for the past few years this has meant that I wear a steady rotation of Isabel Marant‘s floaty bohemian tops.  They are timeless and dress up jeans (or whatever you’d prefer to wear beneath them) in a way that no one else has quite managed.  So, year after year, I pull these tops out again and wear them from spring (imagined or not) through fall.

And this year, Isabel has a great new crop of these tops which I am so excited to add into the rotation.  I’ve been flying high with these new options.  And I know I’ll wear them for years to come.  And what’s not to love about that?

Have a wonderful weekend!

1. Duffy top (also here; similar here) / 2. Allen top (also here, and here in white; I love this one too)  / 3. Vlady top

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