Bringing the 70’s Home

Stella McCartney overalls

In my on-going attempt to relive the 70s through my wardrobe, I’ve found a piece of clothing that seems a perfect vehicle to transport me back.  Another bit of denim to further cement my newfound love of the bygone era with which I somehow, prior to now, felt perfectly content to leave in the past.

Though I’ve delved back into wearing overalls from time to time, I’ve never done it in such a way as suggested by Stella McCartney’s glorious ode to the 70s in the form of a denim overall.  But now I can’t wait to try.  I feel like it could take my fascination with the era to a new level.

With their perfectly blue hue and their subtly flared legs, I feel like I could be perfectly prepared to carry my love for this decade and its bohemian glamour with me far into the future.  And good thing, because 70s inspiration is sticking around.  Throughout Fall Fashion Month (which ends in a few days), designers have repeatedly called on this decade for inspiration.

Color me thrilled.  And strap me into these overalls A.S.A.P.  (Or these.)

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