Caramel + Sky

Caramel + Sky

If there is a color combination central in my thoughts these days, it’s this one: caramel and pale blue.  After spending a lifetime shunning any hue approximating brown and a decade or so searching for the darkest denim options, I find myself in uncharted territory seeking these shades.  It’s a uniquely 70s combination, which is why it is taking over my thoughts these days (in case you’ve been avoiding all talk of fashion lately, here’s the breakdown: the 70s are back in a biiiiiiig way.  Huge.)

And I think the above reasons are a large part of why the 70s are overtaking fashion right now: precisely because they’ve been so far from our consciousness for so long.  And besides: they come with a slew of ready references.  So we know they work already– exactly because they’ve been pulled off so successfully before.  Whereas it can seem nearly impossible to divine what the fashion of the future looks like, and frankly quite difficult to nail down what the look of, say, five years ago was, it is easy to define the look of the 70s and reappropriate it for our own purposes today.  It’s been done beautifully, and since many of us never had a true foray into the looks of decades ago, it’s new and exciting today (and we arguably have better fabrications than they did during the actual 70s— denim now has stretch and polyester is not anyone’s jam).

So I am diving headlong into caramel and sky.  It conjures beautiful images (and makes me kind of hungry), and it is ripe for the (re)picking.

Here are my favorites:

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