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Kate Bosworth all white Marie Claire 2

Kate Bosworth all white Marie Claire

Just when I thought my love for sneakers with everything was waning, Phoebe Philo showed her Fall Céline collection this weekend with tons of them.  Then I saw this picture of Grace Coddington (Vogue editor extraordinaire) wearing them on her way to another Paris collection, and I thought, nope, I’m not ready to let go yet.

And then I saw these photos of Kate Bosworth in Marie Claire UK, and I realized that what I really wanted was all white everything, from top to bottom; from dress to sneaks.  From sweater to pants.  From jacket to shoes.

So, that’s what I’m hunting for now.  A million ways to wear white this Spring.  And you can bet that I’ll have some white sneakers nailing it all down.  In fact, I’m currently wearing these, because sometimes a little sparkle with your white doesn’t hurt.

Here are some stunning white pieces worth lusting after. . . .

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  • Sandra Camp

    LOVE the all white! makes me so happy. so clean and crisp