Outfit Envy

two-tone jeans

This outfit has completely captured my attention, and I am dying to replicate it.  The two-tone denim culottes are the stuff of my dreams.  And the trench and scarf (especially with all the mixing of all the blues) with them are almost too much to handle.  Then to find out her jeans were from H&M and her scarf from Zara. . . it’s nearly overwhelming in its lust inducing.  Sadly, the culottes are sold out.  Thank goodness there are other options, though.

Photo via Queen of Jetlags


  • Megan Tsang

    Ali. This outfit is soooo you!

    • Alexandra

      Ahhh, this makes me so happy, Meg! I take that as a great compliment!


    • This makes me sooo happy, Meg! I take that as a huge compliment. Thank you!