This is 50 . . . And 81


Gloria Steinem 81In the category of female radness at all ages, here are two definitive examples.  Sarah Jessica Parker and Gloria Steinem just had milestone birthdays– they turned 50 and 81, respectively.  I don’t know about you, but this isn’t what might have formerly popped into my head when I imagined those ages. But now they will.

Remember how I said there’s no statute of limitations on awesomeness or beauty?  Well, these woman are further proof of that fact.

I love being a woman right now.  There is no other era I’d rather live in.  There are so many ways to be amazing until you’re 100 (and beyond) now, and so many examples of other women doing it, that it is truly inspiring.  Sarah Jessica Parker and Gloria Steinem are two rad women who are doing remarkable things (and SJP with three young children to boot), and I am so grateful to have their examples to look to and follow.

I had the crazy good fortune to meet both of these women over the course of one whirlwind weekend celebrating my own birthday five years ago.  It was so magical and cool to run into both of them (and talk to each of them– Gloria even gave me a hug!).  They are both so down-to-earth and friendly while being otherworldly that it made me look up to them even more.

I’d say 50 and 81 have never been better!

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