The Best Gift for Girlfriends (+You)


After years of stressing about finding the right gift for my girlfriends, I now think I have figured out the perfect present.  I came to this realization after receiving some amazing gifts from my own girlfriends and noticing how thrilled I was to get to wear them.

That’s because I’ve recently been given jewelry by my friends*, and it makes me so happy every time I put it on.  Every time I glimpse one of the pieces they chose for me, it makes me smile and brings the giver to mind.  The thought it took to pick it out, the fact that they picked pieces that feel perfect for me (and in some cases add to a piece I already have, as in the case of a friend who bought me a charm for my rad charm necklace from Jennifer Fisher), and the fact that I can catch a view of the pieces throughout my day all just enhance the joy I feel from having been given something so lovely.

So, now I’ve decided I want to do the same.  I want to give jewelry as a gift to my girlfriends so that they can feel the same thing I’ve been feeling when I spy these precious gifts.  Because it feels like such a perfect, thoughtful, lasting treasure.

*One of my dearest friends gave me art this year, which was incredibly cool and thoughtful too.  I love it, and I can’t believe she was able to find things so perfect for me.  Especially since my husband and I can’t even agree on what we like and therefore, have trouble even picking things out for ourselves.  So, kudos to you, Jillian, but your skills outshine mine.  So I might just have to stick to jewelry.  x

Check out these amazing pieces.  Wouldn’t you love to receive any of them?  I know I would.


  • Eun

    Beautiful pieces! I wear the bracelet you gave me almost every day. Love you and miss you. XOX

    • I wear the pieces you gave me all the time too! It makes me so happy to think of you when I see them. 🙂 I’m glad we’re still connected by our jewelry, even if we’re way to far away from each other!