Bold, Embroidered, and Ready to Romp

Vita Kin pink romper

Vita Kin pink romper 2

I love a romper, but not all rompers are made equal.  Some play it safe (and I love those ones too), but some alert people around the block of their presence.  The latter type are known to include details such as gorgeous embroidery, puff sleeves, a bright pink hue, and swing-able tassels.  And when they do, you can sign me on up.  Pronto.

Vita Kin pink romper 3

Vita Kin pink romper 4

Vita Kin pink romper 5

Vita Kin pink romper 6

Vita Kin pink romper 7

Romper: Vita Kin (also here, similar here, herehere and here) / Shoes: Balenciaga (similar here, here, and here) / Bag: Céline (similar here) / Necklace: Khai Khai (similar here and here) / Bracelets: Gabriela Artigas (similar here) and Jennifer Fisher

Photography by Kara Mercer


  • It seems a shame to let this romper go by without comment…

    Forget alerting people of your presence a block away – I think you could see this romper from space. And that’s a good thing!! I just love how bold this romper is, not just because of the colour but because of the detailed embroidery and puff sleeves. You picked a perfect pair of sandals to go with it too. We could call this a San Francisco fog-chasing outfit, because it automatically evokes a bright, happy mood. Fun and pretty!!! Yeah, this is really a winning outfit! Fabulous! Just fabulous!!!!

    Darn. I just broke the exclamation mark key on my keyboard.

    • Thank you for your heralding of this rad piece, Frederik! Next time I want to be sure to be seen from space, I have my outfit all picked out. 😉