Neon and Neutral

Christopher Kane for NarsChristopher Kane’s clothing is known for being modern and for its liberal (and genius) use of neon.  So it makes perfect sense that his collaboration with beauty giant Nars fits these descriptions as well.  It’s brilliantly called the NEONUDE collection, which perfectly describes its punchy colors and unexpected nude shades.

I was intrigued when I first saw the bright colors and glittery pales peeking out from behind the Nars display.  But trying them on made me seriously excited for their possibilities this summer.  Because, though I normally like super pared-down (and barely there) makeup, these colors seem like the perfect lift for summer looks.

The lip glosses are sheer with a little punch of color.  The Silent Nude blush, which is beige-y, but somehow gives my (quite pale with pink undertones) skin the perfect bit of color is already a favorite.  And the piece de resistance is the Outer Limits eye shadow (which is pretty shocking, coming from a gal who never wears eyeshadow.  And I mean never.  Unless it’s basically just the color of my eyelid, so that doesn’t count.)  It is an amazing neutral glittery nude that makes your eyes pop and seem otherworldly (but in a muted, but quite alluring way).

I love this collection.  And I think it’ll take us far this spring and summer (and beyond).  It’s what I was looking for in makeup (but didn’t know it yet).


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