Favorite Details from the SF Decorator Showhouse 2015

Art installment at the SF Decorator Showhouse

Walking into a Decorator Showhouse is always a wild experience.  Each room, done by a different interior designer, can often feel like it has a million bits of intrigue crammed into its corners.  Sometimes it can feel nearly overwhelming to take it all in, but there are always interesting new ideas to absorb.  Here are my favorites from the San Francisco Decorator Showhouse this year.

First, I thought this art installation above the mantel in the living room was stunning.  It almost seems like it’s made of golden butterflies, but upon closer inspection the metallic shapes are leaves.  I loved this piece and kept wanting to come back to look at it.

light in foyer of SF Decorator Showhouse

The foyer light was also a wonder to behold– clear acrylic tubes at sharp angles.  I love it.  It certainly makes a statement upon walking in the front door, doesn’t it?

tile behind tv at SF Decorator Showhouse

In the family room adjacent to (and sharing open space with) the kitchen, there were tiny marble tiles behind the television set.  Though this wasn’t something I’d necessarily want to replicate myself, it was a look I’d never seen before.

silver ceiling at SF Decorator Showhouse

Many (if not all) of the ceilings in the house were painted a non-white hue.  This one was silver and really stunning.

Painting at SF Decorator Showhouse

This piece of art is so striking and stands out so vividly against the dark green wall behind it.

Closeup of painting at SF Decorator Showhouse

And the paint is layered on the piece in such a cool way, I wanted to get up close and touch it (which I didn’t do.  But I would have liked to.)

The San Francisco Decorator Shophouse is open until May 25, 2015.

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