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My reading goes in cycles, and I’m feeling a book binge coming on.  I’ve been stacking up books that I want to get my hands on.  Ones that I keep hearing are worth reading or have subject matter that interests me.

These are the next up on my book shelf:

Astonish Me, by Maggie Shipstead– This book falls into the category of ones that I keep hearing about.  Its jacket contains enough breathless quotes by reviewers to make even a casual bystander curious.  It’s described as being about a wife and mother who gets pulled back into the world of ballet, which she had left behind, when her son is discovered to be a prodigy.  It’s also described as a “novel you must read” and as “electrifying.”  When another friend told me she had just read it and liked it, I added it to my list.

Leave your Mark, by Aliza Licht– I have eagerly awaited this book’s release for quite some time.  Written by the social media superstar behind @dknyprgirl (Donna Karan’s SVP of global communications), it’s described as a mentorship in a book.  I’ve read about a third of it and am completely taken with Licht’s advice.  She distills so much career advice into such a small space (and with such candor about her own experience) that it feels like it should probably cost more to read it.

I Take You, by Eliza Kennedy– This book is being written about everywhere.  In fact, I just paged across Entertainment Weekly describing it as “the first big beach read of the season.”  Its cover also includes a quote by Jane Green stating, “I have not laughed this hard or this much at a book since Bridget Jones’s Diary.”  That’s saying quite a lot.  I may start this one next, because who couldn’t use a great laugh?

HRC— I can feel the next political season heating up, and I’m excited to learn more about Hillary Rodham Clinton.  This seems like a good way to delve back into that territory.

Have you read anything great lately?  Do tell.  The summer is long, and I want to have a huge stack of books awaiting me.

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  • Brilliant suggestions! You always have such good taste in books. Adding these to my Amazon wish list.