Over the Rainbow of Workout Wear

K Deer printed capri

Finding high quality workout clothes that are a little bit beyond the usual is quite challenging.  That’s why walking into Bandier feels like you’ve died and gone to fitness heaven.  The brand opened its first store in Southampton last summer, and when I walked in, I could hardly contain my excitement at seeing their array of finds.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I begged Jennifer Bandier (the owner and genius behind the idea) to bring her store to San Francisco.  Since then, they’ve opened a store in New York City.  And world domination of the fitness apparel market can’t be far behind.

But now it’s not just the lucky few who can take advantage of their incredible array of emerging brands, because Bandier is online.  When I discovered this, I pored over every available item in their selection, because they source the best (and often hard-to-find) brands and put them all in one place.

And that place is now on your computer.  You’re welcome.


  • Sandra Camp

    as someone who practically lives in workout clothes and is always looking for a new look- something different, i’m pretty sure you just changed my life. XOXOXO

    • YAY!!! I think you’re going to love it, Sandra! Enjoy!!