To A Tee

Frame Denim tee shirt

Tee shirts seem like the simplest- and most prevalent- pieces of clothing, but I have a terrible time finding tee shirts that I love.  I’m not sure exactly why, but finding a great tee shirt seems like finding the holy grail.

So, it was with a hope, and a fair amount of nervousness, that I purchased Frame Denim’s Le Classic white tee.  It seemed like all the things I loved (scoop neck that’s flattering but not too low, sleeves that are short, but just perfectly so, and the fabric looked soft, but not see-through), but you can never be sure until you try it on.

When I pulled it over my head, I think I was holding my breath.  Could this be the one?  The tee shirt that I could wear all the time with everything else in my closet and feel like I really looked good (not like I was wearing someone else’s clothes)?

Well, I am happy to report it met all of my requirements (soft fabric that doesn’t lose its shape, just the right cut and fit, the perfect length– just a little bit long, so it’s perfect for tucking or leaving out).  I’m now contemplating getting it in grey and black.

Because when you find that perfect piece– the one you’ve dreamed might exist, but never actually laid eyes or hands on– you want to make sure you never are without it again.

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