What Happened When I Visited The Row

The Row

The Row 2

When I was in L.A. for a few days recently, I had to check out The Row‘s store (its first and only one, thus far).  Everything about the brand is so pared down and well-considered, I had to see how that vision translated into brick and mortar.

I was not disappointed.  The store is a wonderful realization of all The Row represents.  It is gorgeous, modern, and minimal, but in the best possible way.  In the way that every touch has been thought out, and only the necessary and beautiful remain.

The store painted all white, with stone and wooden details.  The furnishings are modern and simple, and a perfect backdrop for all the clothing.  There also happens to be a swimming pool through the sliding glass doors in the rear of the store– this has to be a first, doesn’t it?

The Row 4

I loved the whole experience, and I fell in love with this dress.

The Row 3

I also fell in love with the pen that I used to sign my receipt.  It had black ink and the finest point I’ve ever laid eyes upon.  When I asked about it (because I am a pen lover), the sales clerk told me that they are the same pens that Mary-Kate and Ashley use to sketch for the line.

Didn’t I mention everything was well-considered?

The pens from The Row

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