The View from Capri

Capri harbor

clock tower Capri square

Our time in Capri was completely magical.  It is a stunningly beautiful place.  It seems you cannot take a bad picture.  Everywhere you look is a gorgeous vista; a glorious view of the water; amazing cliffs.

And the town is incredibly charming, with its lovely square, local artisans making sandals right before your eyes,  bougainvillea growing atop homes and shops, fabulous shopping.

And the food is glorious.  Fresh and delicious pasta, seafood, bread, gelato.  There is a pastry and gelato shop in Capri Square where they make fresh waffle cones, and the smell cascades down the street.  It’s no surprise that there is a line out the door seemingly all day and all night.

And you can get one of my favorite salads everywhere, with fresh mozzarella cheese and tomatoes.  I have had it hundreds of times without realizing that Caprese salad meant that it is the salad from Capri.

CapriShopping in Capri

Capri Faraglioni

Lemons in Capri

Caprese salad in Capri

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