Packing for Paradise


I am about to leave for a trip I have dreamed of for years, and I’m experiencing a bit of packing anxiety.  We’re heading far away, and I have imagined this trip for so long, it is hard to figure out exactly what to bring with me.

First of all, I tend to overpack anyway.  Given a weekend away, I’m not afraid to pack enough shoes for eight people.  As, I assume, with all overpackers, I am afraid of forgetting anything important (therefore I bring a bunch of things I may not end up actually using).  So an extended trip in a far-away land of which I have dreamed for ages leaves me in a bit of a sweat.

How will I make sure I have enough items for all of the potential activities that could arise?  And how will I bring them in one (or maybe two. . . .?) suitcases that can be lifted with human arms (preferably my own)?

Oh man.  All of this leads me to be a last minute packer normally.  So much to think about.  So much room for error.  I compile lists for a week or two ahead of time.  But then I’m normally still packing as the cab drives up to pick us up for the airport.  Which leads to more sweating.

There are a few things I know I’m bringing, however.  This tote, for one.  I’ve loved it since I glimpsed it on Instagram last summer and pined for it ever since.  When I laid my eyes on it in real life, I knew it was perfect for beach getaways (and a great carryon bag for the plane– it can fit so much!).  Of course, I need my earphones for the plane too.  And this book that I am loving.

But that leaves a lot of free space in my luggage.  And a lot of decisions to be made.

So I’d better go finish packing.

You can follow along on my journeys on Instagram, and on Snapchat (I’m @alexsinger16).  Eeeeek!!!  I’m so excited!  Come with me!  (And tell me what to pack!)

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