Snap To It


It was not that long ago (a matter of months, in fact) that I had the naive thought that there would never be a new social media (medium?) after Instagram because Instagram was so perfect.

But then something happened– Instagram started to change.  What had started as an awesome way to share the bits of beauty from one’s day took on a different tone.  Businesses– and people in general– realized its capacity for sharing “perfect,” and therefore often staged, moments.  And the realness just started to seep out.  Suddenly, sharing pictures of beautiful, funny, or charming (but not photoshopped or otherwise perfect) moments of your day, seemed a little bit blah, next to the reams of photos of ocean-side lunches, snapped through the clear glass of a gorgeous cocktail.

I still love Instagram (you can find me here), but I have days where I just can’t take any more perfection.  I need something that feels less pristine, and more real.

Enter Snapchat.  Snapchat allows you to share photos or quick videos, and by the nature of the medium (I don’t think you can upload photos to it, you just have to take them on the fly) doesn’t allow you to spend hours whipping it into perfection.  You just snap a moment of your day and share it.  The end.

And it’s so fun to see bits of people’s days like this.  It has exactly what I loved about Instagram before it became stagecrafted within an inch of its life.  It also allows me to share quick videos, which I love!  That was possible on Instagram, but because of the whole stagecrafted/perfection thing, sharing a video felt like you needed a cast of thousands to help you make it look like a national television spot before hitting send.

So, right now I’m loving Snapchat.  You can find me (and my snippets of my day– including a video up right now) at alexsinger16.  I hope to see you there!

This time I won’t naively assume this is the end of all social media.

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