When Fashion Miracles Happen

Valentino patterned dress 6

Valentino patterned dress 2

Every now and then, when the stars align (and Mercury is no longer retrograde), a fashion miracle happens.  The clouds open, angels descend, and you discover that your holy grail fashion item has gone on deep discount.  If they have one in your size, it is the second sign from God Herself that you are truly meant to have it.  She wants you to.  And who are you to say no, in such a circumstance?

This happened to me at Bergdorf Goodman (land of so many fashion dreams– both realized and thwarted) a few weeks ago.  When I discovered this dress on sale in the Valentino room (which it takes a compass and some serious determination to find), I felt like the Universe had spoken.  It wasn’t merely whispering, either.  The powers that be were basically screaming, “We have not forgotten you!  We have listened to your silent prayers over the past six months, and the dress sewn with angel wings and fairy dust is waiting here for you.  On sale.  Huuuuuuuuurrrrrry!  Even we are not powerful enough to keep this thing going for long.**”

So I took 2.7 seconds to think about it, and I made it happen (well, God made it happen.  I just paid for it.)

And because I am deeply grateful, I will wear it until only fairy dust remains.

Valentino patterned dress 4

Valentino patterned dress 3

Valentino patterned dress 5

Valentino patterned dress

Dress: Valentino (similar herehere, here, and here.  **And, oh my heavens, I just found this dress that I fell in love with in Paris on sale at Barney’s Warehouse for 75% off!!!  If you are a size 4, God’s speaking to you too!!!) / Denim jacket: Current Elliott (similar here) / Shoes: Givenchy / Bag: Chloe (similar here)

Photography by Kara Mercer


  • I’d offer a profound and insightful comment, but I’m stunned speechless by that gorgeous dress. I think Valentino designed it especially for you. Awesome!

  • OMG Ali, this is so, so beautiful. It literally looks like it was made out of fairy dust. And the story…. when these things happen, you just know it was meant to be. So happy for you!
    xoxo Alex