Gucci clogs

One of the childhood memories that has stayed with me over the years is one in which I dreamed I woke up to find a pair of clogs I was hoping for in my closet.  When I woke up for real, however, this fantastical scenario was betrayed as a dream.  A.k.a, no clogs in the closet.

I did manage to procure a pair of clogs a few years later, and they were wonderful.  They gave me height and, I imagined, sophistication.  The only downside of the clog seems to be the clop clopping sounds they make.  It can be kind of irksome, if you’re sensitive to these kinds of things.

Anyway, my obsession with clogs somehow waned, perhaps due to the noise issues, and years passed.

But now there is a new answer to my adult dreams– clogs in a supple suede that also make use of a back strap (which is sure to reduce the horse-like acoustics).  I am super excited about this development; even moreso because these clogs (with their height and added heel strap) seem like the perfect answer to another conundrum– what to wear with the wide-leg 70s pants that will give you the height necessary to fill out the length of the pants without necessitating some sort of crazy high heel worn 24-7.

Point being, it seems like these shoes may be answering quite a few dreams, fantasies, and real world problems all in one.  Which is something you’ve got to admire in a pair of real-world footwear.

I won’t be surprised if I wake up to find these in my closet someday.  But I’ll appreciate them all the more because of the pain of waking up that one morning when I was 6 to find that there were no clogs in my closet.  Even if I might be secretly wishing I had these bad boys in there as well.

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