Defining the Era

Because this is the way my mind works, I sometimes wonder what aesthetic will come to define our time.  It always seems obvious in hindsight (it’s a no-brainer that the 70s are defined by high-waisted flared pants and flowing dresses, for instance) but could people have known that at the time?  And, if it’s so obvious, what will be considered the signature look of the 2010 decade?

I am starting to think that it may involve culottes.  Culottes bring a new shape to the female form that had been missing from the sartorial lexicon for some time.  They are a far-cry from the skinny jeans that had overtaken the landscape prior to their arrival.  And now that they’ve been in the picture for a few years, culottes really seem to have hunkered down to stick around.

Besides, culottes seem, in my estimation, at least, to be at least eight kinds of awesome (they do bring a different shape to the female form that doesn’t involve showing everything you’ve got; they flow like a skirt, and yet you could kick some serious ass in them, if necessary. . . just to mention two of their defining features).  Add denim fabrication, and a two-tone design, and that takes the number of awesome-inducing qualities up to ten.  Add a braided detail at the waist, and, frankly, I lose count of the justifications for radicality (a word I just made up in their honor).  I just know I want to wear these with approximately every top I have.

I began with this emerald asymmetrical satin peplum number because its fabulousness rivaled that of the culottes.  And because, why not start with another statement piece?  Because, while you’re busy making one fashion statement, why not make two.  Right?

That was just my theory, anyway.  Or two of them.  To be precise.

So, hop on the culotte bandwagon.  It may just define the era.

Top: Marni (similar here and here) / Culottes: Valentino (also here; similar here and here) / Sandals: Givenchy (similar herehere, and here) / Bag: Marni (similar here) / Bracelets: Jennifer Fisher and Gabriela Artigas (similar here)

Photography by Meg Tsang


  • Pamela

    love the green on you…and still loving your hair that lenght xoxo

    • Thank you so much, Pam! And thank you for saying that about my hair. I am currently having an existential hair crisis, so your feedback comes at a perfect time. I’m debating growing it back out. But I’ll take yours as a vote for keeping it. What is your hair doing these days?

      Miss you!!