Summer Days Melt Into Fall

Isabel Marant dress

I am a proponent of summer lasting forever (which, I suppose, is part of why I live in California).  But I love fall fashion.  In fact, fall fashion is likely the only thing that makes me look forward to the end of summer.

Though I’m not ready for the end of the warm, long days with the bright sun above, I am starting to feel ready to contemplate what I might wear when those days come.  And here is one of the first things I want to wear.  A beautiful slip dress, some fabulous suede booties, and layered necklaces.

In fact, it’s not too early to wear this (with the possible exception of the boots.  Let’s wear sandals as long as we can, don’t you think?).  With these on your feet, you could wear this today (and then add layers when fall arrives).

1. Dress / 2. Clutch / 3. Disk Necklace / 4. Long necklace / 5. Denim Jacket / Booties

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