Weekend Plans

Amy Schumer

This weekend, I’d love to see the new Amy Schumer movie, Trainwreck.  The previews look hilarious, and I just listened to a great interview of Amy (and Judd Apatow, who directed Trainwreck) on NPR. The clips they play of the movie definitely make me want to see it, and Amy is thoughtful and so incredibly funny.  (Ed: Wait, I also just watched this interview of Amy, and I don’t understand how she can be so hilarious every. single. second.)

Speaking of which, I am also reading Judd Apatow’s book, Sick In The Head, in which he interviews scores of comedians about life and comedy.  I have only read three of the interviews, but it is, in a word, awesome.  It’s so cool to hear comedians’ thoughts behind their work as well as their overall views on life.  It has made me love some of my favorite people (including Stephen Colbert) even more.  I hope to get deeper into the book this weekend too.  Maybe I’ll even get to the interview Apatow does with Amy Schumer.

We are deep in the middle of summer, in that magical time when days stretch on hours past those piddly excuses for days in the winter.  It almost seems like fall might never really come.  These are some of the best weekends of the year.  What are you up to this weekend?  Are you traveling?  Reading any great books?


  • Did you end up catching Trainwreck? I so want to watch that along with Amy, debating which to watch first. There was such a lack of appealing movies out for a while, now I want to devour everything.

    • Hi Vanessa! I did see it, and it was really good! Very different from your average comedy/rom-com, which was refreshing. I am in a full-on Amy Schumer adoration moment, and I’m glad I saw it. 🙂

      I didn’t realize Amy was also out until we got to the movie theater, and I’d be interested to see that as well.

      I’d definitely give Trainwreck two thumbs up. I’d love to hear what you think after you see the movie(s).