You Sexy Thing

Aquazzura Sexy Thing

I have been on the lookout for these shoes for ages.  Aquazzura’s shoes are incredibly comfortable and better priced than many of their brethren (when did shoes get so expensive??).  And these, in particular, aptly called the Sexy Thing shoe, have reached cult status.  They have the effect of making your feet (and legs) look like a million bucks, and they go with just about everything.

Of course, since their reputation precedes them, they sell out before you know it.  But new stock is in, and they are available now in a bunch of flattering colors (and textures.  I love the suede, but they also come in leather).

I am so excited to finally get my hands on a pair!


  • Sandra Camp

    i am in love with these, can’t wait to see them on your post. i just ordered the Wild Thing Aquazzura heel and I literally cannot wait until my pre-order arrives. I have never worn their shoes so I was so excited to read here they are comfortable!!!!!

    • Yay! I think you’ll love them. Great minds thinking alike…