20 Shades of Deliciousness

Dinner at Octavia SF

You know those meals where every bite is so delectable that each morsel causes you to pause while your eyes roll back in your head?  I just had one of those at Octavia.  It was so divine.  I loved every bite of it so much that I’d happily go back tomorrow night (or any other one, for that matter) and order the exact. same. things.

Meals like this only come around once in a blue moon (if that often), which makes you appreciate them even more.  I can’t wait to go back to Octavia.

Our waiter guided us to so many wonderful dishes that we were elated with nearly every morsel we ate (including the heavenly seeded bread and ludicrously scrumptious butter.  By the way, that’s a sign of a fab restaurant, in my highly personal estimation.).  I’d highly recommend everything you can see here (including the saffron pasta, the tomatoes with padron peppers, the halibut, and the crazy good “deviled egg”)  Oh, and the angel food cake dessert with peaches and buttermilk ice cream.  Holy smokes.  So much deliciousness.

Dinner at Octavia 2

I hope you have a happy weekend!  And I hope it’s delicious.

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