Crushing on Colbert

Colbert on GQ

I have a serious crush on Stephen Colbert.  And I have for years.  He seems full of a palpable joy, and even when he’s playing a character who seems like he might otherwise be kind of annoying, you (er, I) can’t help but love him.  His wit is so intelligent and quick.  I was always amazed at how quickly he adapted to unexpected turns in interviews on the Colbert Report.

The past few months without his show have been difficult to endure.  I miss seeing his smiling face (and twinkling eyes that tell you the wheels are spinning a million miles in his brain, and he’s looking for the most mischief achievable in a given moment).  Luckily, he is about to take over The Late Show (in place of David Letterman) in a few short weeks.

And I was thrilled to see Colbert on the cover of GQ’s September issue.  The photos are jaunty and funny (and, dare I say, Colbert looks even better- and sleeker- than before in these photos), but the real piéce de resistance is the article that accompanies them.  In it, Colbert goes deep, discussing his views on comedy and life.  He even delves into the effect that the death of his father and two of his brothers in a plane crash had on his life and the way he approaches his job.  He discusses his views on joy and the effect his mother had on him (his soliloquy about her after her death was unforgettable), which is worth the price of the magazine (especially if you’re reading it as a mother).

It’s a must read.  Even if you don’t have a crush on him.  But I think you might after reading it.

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