The Perfect Shoe

Aquazzurra Wild Thing red shoe

These shoes have haunted me for months.  I forget where I first saw a picture of them, but by the time I saw it, they were sold out everywhere.  But I needed them.  So badly.  They felt like the shoe that could make any outfit the best outfit on earth.  Even jeans and a plain tee shirt.  Maybe mostly jeans and a tee shirt.

Those are the best kinds of shoes, if you ask me.  Shoes with a punch that can make the simplest outfit look like a million dollars.

The point being, they are currently being pre-sold and selling like hot cakes (they will almost certainly be impossible to find once they are actually available in December).

So get them while they’re hot.  Because they’re hot.  And so are you.  So you deserve each other.



  • Sandra Camp

    I feel like I have been counting the days since my preorder. I think they will be a major favorite. They just stand out and make me smile everytime I see them on someone

    • They’re so fun! Congrats on scoring them!