The Summer I Turned Pretty

Do you have a friend who gives great book recommendations?  I have a few; and when they tell me about a book they loved, I get my hands on it as soon as humanly (or Amazon-ially) possible.

One of my friends who gives great book recs recently recommended Jenny Han’s books to me, and I’d ordered her first trilogy before our conversation was over.  The first in the series is called The Summer I Turned Pretty, and I, too, loved it.  It is a YA novel (a.k.a. young adult novel), and my friend warned me to make sure I ordered the other books in the series before starting the first.

Good thing, because when I finished the first on the plane to New York today, I couldn’t wait to start the second (handily, the first few pages of the second novel are printed at the end of the first).  I can’t wait to hear how the story continues to unfold.

The only downside of reading The Summer I Turned Pretty was I felt like I needed to hide its cover on the plane, lest anyone know I was reading a novel written for teenagers.  But that didn’t stop me from reading it cover to cover in a few days.  And I have the next book in the series, It’s Not Summer Without You, ready to go.

Happy Wednesday!

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