Burberry’s Cashmere Concealer Feels Like Heaven

Burberry cashmere concealer

If I had to empty my makeup bag and carry only one product for the rest of my life, it would be concealer.  I just need it.  And I’ve found a new one that feels completely revolutionary.  I love it so much, I just went back to get a second, so I could make sure never to be without it.  It’s Burberry’s Cashmere Concealer.  And it is awesome.

This concealer does it all– covers, conceals, and blurs, all while being lightweight and in a deliciously non-goopy texture.  And the wand it dispenses from feels like heaven.  It fits the description in its title- it feels like it could be cashmere.  You want to use it on your skin because it feels so good.

Burberry’s Cashmere Concealer feels like a revelation.  If you, too, use concealer or feel, like me, like you can’t live without it, this is a must try.

Have a happy Monday!

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