How to Build an Outfit From the Ground Up

Miu Miu gold glitter shoes

I packed for New York Fashion Week today (or #NYFW, if you’d rather).  It was by turns exciting, exhausting, and panic-inducing.  Because what do you wear when you want to show your enthusiasm for fashion in the span of but a few days when it’s 1) ostensibly Fall, but 2) 90 degrees, and 3) likely to pour rain?

It’s a conundrum, but one I met with a simple equation.  It’s the same equation I often meet sartorial problems with; and it is this: Start with the shoes.

Because, as much as I love fashion, what I may love even more, if you had to boil my adoration down to its essence, is accessories.  And shoes may be the most exciting of those accessories because they can be 1) covered in glitter, 2) bedecked in feathers, and/or festooned in crystals.  This allows a  fantastical array of options, and I’ve picked my favorites for you below.

And then you just build the outfit up from there.

Happy hunting!  And here’s to the beginning of New York Fashion Week, and really, Fashion Month!


  • Sandra Camp

    it is SO hot here schools have been getting out early! all you might need to pack is your birthday suit :)! #lightpacking