Poncho Perfection

Frame Poncho

It’s funny how every season, there are a few things that stick with me from Fashion Week.  It’s unpredictable when fashion moments are going to strike our fancy and remain with us long after a show has passed and the Instagram parade has moved on to other things.

So far, one of the moments that is really resonating for me long past its calendar time is this one from the Frame Denim presentation.  It is but a lowly poncho, draped just so, in a way that makes me want to go out and replicate the outfit from head to toe as soon as possible.  And this despite the fact that, beyond the aforementioned poncho, the model is wearing the simplest of pieces- a pair of unassuming blue jeans, a white tee shirt, and black loafers.

The thing is, we have almost all of these pieces in our closets already.  Except that poncho.  And, even if we had the poncho, it might not have occurred to me previously to tie it jauntily and asymmetrically over one shoulder.  But now it’s hard to get it off my mind.

And then, as if to drive the poncho point home, Jenna Lyons wore a similarly rad poncho with white jeans and black pumps and looked like a billion dollars doing it, and made it official that I need to populate my closet with a poncho like theirs as soon as the Gods of Internet Shopping allow.

Jenna Lyons street style by Phil Oh

And so, I’ve scoured the internet to find the best possible ways to make these poncho dreams realities now (rather than in the Spring, when the Frame poncho will exist in a shoppable form).  So, here they are friends: the ponchos that dreams are made of–


Photos by @manrepeller (on Instagram) and Phil Oh for Vogue

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