Ulla Johnson Knows What You Want to Wear

Ulla Johnson SS2016

Somehow Ulla Johnson has figured out what we all want to wear and has delivered it in so many lovely combinations.  And she has done it without wild swings from season to season.  In fact, much of what I loved about her show tonight is similar to pieces she showed for this season (only problem being that many of those are already sold out).

For Spring/Summer 2016, Johnson showed a collection full of wearable dresses (with some 70’s inspired jeans, a striped poncho, and even an off-white suit added for good measure).  They varied in their details, but they all carried with them a boho feeling and supremely wearable shapes.

The accessories had so much fringing.  The bags and shoes had divine tassels.  Johnson’s current bags and shoes have tassels as well.  If you wear size 5 or 6 shoes, you have my eternal envy).  Fringe, by the way, is everywhere for Spring– already.  I, for one, couldn’t be more thrilled about that.

And I can’t wait to wear so many of these other pieces.  We’ve already got a lot to look forward to for next Spring.  Thank you, Ulla Johnson.

Ulla Johnson S:S2016 3

Ulla Johnson SS2016 blue dress


  • Robbie K

    I can totally see you in a bunch of those pieces. I think you are the only person I know that can pull off the long flowy dress you posted. Very cool.

    Hope you’re having fun!

    • Thanks so much for saying that! I’ll almost certainly be trying to pull that dress off next summer.

      Have a great weekend!