Let’s Meet Up!

Okay, I am suuuuper excited about this announcement.   It’s a whole new world for me.  I am venturing into new territory so that we can meet up.  Tomorrow, Friday, October 2, I will be hosting my first conversation on Periscope (my first “‘scope,” in Periscope lingo).  And I want to see you there!  I will be there with bells on, and I want to talk to you (with bells on too, if you’re in the mood).

If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet, now is the time!  It is a rad new social medium that allows content providers to provide (free!) live video to whomever cares to watch them.  Please download the Periscope app and come find me at @alexsinger.

On Friday at 10:00 am Pacific Time/1:00 pm Eastern time I will be scoping live, and I am so excited to get to chat with you.  I will be sharing My Top 3 Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe For Fall (which include pieces you already have, an $11 find, and more).  But I’d also love to answer any questions you have.  If there’s something you’d like to hear about on this scope (or forthcoming ones), please leave a comment below or email me at ali@injackiesshoes.  I want to chat about it!

I am so excited to meet up with you in the digital world tomorrow!  Join me at 10am Pacific Time/1pm Eastern Time.  It’s a brave new world, and we’re in it together.  (If for some reason you can’t join me at that time, you can watch a replay of it for 24 hours.  But, as always, Live is better.)  I look forward to meeting up with you tomorrow!

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