Make It A Mid-Heel

Mid-Heel Pumps

I love a good shoe on any given day, but right now is a great time for shoes.  It is a whole new world out there for your feet.  Because it would appear that skyscraper heels are fading into the woodwork.  And in their place, shining as though lit by klieg lights: mid-heel pumps (and flat loafers, of course).

I don’t remember the last time mid-heel pumps were “in.”  Sure, I’ve worn them for years, thanks to my difficulty tottering in high heels.  But now, even the coolest kids in fashion are wearing them.

These are shoes you can walk in all day.  Which is probably the point of shoes, really.  Your feet are going to thank you.  Here are my favorites:

  1. Valentino / 2. Chloe (also here) / 3. Gucci / 4. Zara / 5. Zara

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