Now and Forever

Tome blue dress

There are clothes that announce their season of origin upon first view (as in, “Oh, that is so Spring of 2009!”).  And then there are clothes that only announce themselves as modern and interesting, while also remaining timeless.  Tome‘s clothing belong solely to the latter category.

I’ve been smitten with Tome‘s pieces for some time (and have made a regular practice of wearing their black culottes— as in here and here), but in viewing their current pieces, my fervor was reinvigorated.  As I looked at their dresses (particularly this one and this one), I could imagine wearing them through busy days and into night, while feeling modern and fresh, but without looking dated.

I love pieces like that.  Ones that do double or triple duty, taking you from morning to night with a thousand activities in between.  All the while announcing their wearer as modern, interesting, and timeless.

You can find selections of Tome clothing here and here.



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