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Phil Oh SS2016 Street Style

I love this street style photo by Phil Oh from outside the Spring/Summer 2016 fashion shows.  First of all, the happiness in it is palpable.  To me, fashion is at its best when it’s making us happy.  That’s what it’s for, isn’t it?  (Well, other than its obvious goal of protecting us from the elements).

And it doesn’t hurt that the woman on the left is wearing my favorite Gucci print top to bottom (not to mention her friend on the right who is also wearing head-to-toe pattern). I’ve already bought a sweatshirt in that print.  And now I’m eyeing this coat.  But I wish it came in a thousand different permutations.  Because it’s just so good.  (Luckily, it comes in this scarf, and this dress, among others.)

Happy Tuesday!

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